How To Hire a Painting Contractor

Hiring a Quality Painter can be a little more tricky than most trades. Painters pricing can come in All Over The Board. Some are very good, and some are absolutely careless. The hardest part is that price doesn’t always determine the quality of the finish. I hate to say it but painters can be quite unpredictable. Below are a few good answers to your questions to help with hiring a painting contractor.

Why Are Painters Pricing So Different Across The Board?

Two painting companies overhead can be very different. Some may have much more expensive vehicles, while others may keep costs down as much as possible. Sometimes that is very dangerous though. Always make sure that the painter is first charging enough to complete the task to your liking. Are they using old dirty drop cloths or new thicker ones that will protect your carpet from damage? And are they using poor quality caulk, paint and rollers? If they are spending a few hundred dollars on better products, you will see that in your quote. Also, insurance can be a huge factor! Lets say the company spends $500 a month on liability and workers comp. insurance. Well that cost has to be spread out accordingly to the customers. Painters  wish for money trees too!

Rules For Hiring A Painting Contractor

  1.  Insurance. This is easily the most important factor. It can increase your painting costs from $20-$200 depending on the size of your project. The laws are different in all states. Just be sure that if something bad happens you WONT be responsible for property damage or injured worker claims.
  2. Cleanliness. Your painters should always be in whites when on the job site. This is important for a verity of reasons. Most importantly it inspires cleanliness. Dont hire them if they look more like they’re wearing camouflage because of the huge mess on they’re clothing. Messy clothing = Messy job.
  3. Value. The value to you can be determined by your goals, plans, or pocket book. Ask for details and separate quotes for separate items to compare apples to apples.
  4. Multiple Quotes. At least 3 is a good rule of thumb. If you are committed to getting the best value then get at least 5 quotes and immediately throw out the top and bottom bid. Don’t pick solely on price or you may wind up with a paint job not much better than you could do yourself.
  5. Professionalism. Be sure that the company that you hire has friendly and seemingly trustworthy staff. Ask if they pay their employees in cash, do background checks, drug testing, and other factors that are important to you.
  6. Details. Details are important in preventing disagreements and so you’re not comparing green apples to red apples. Know what you are being priced for. This will also prevent you picking the low bid to just get extra charges at the end. We call that one the Ol’ Bait and Switch.
  7. Credentials. Are they doing well enough to be found? Is there website up to par? Do they have references that aren’t family or friends? Check out reviews on Google, Facebook, and local online maps and directories.
  8. Price.  Don’t take the low price based solely on price. Its more than likely to result in a poor job. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to ask for the painter that you like, to be more competitive to the other painters. This may get you the better painter at just a slightly higher cost.
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