Why True Painters Inc.?

With so many painters to choose from, why choose True Painters Inc.?

As the name of the company says We Are True Painters; the Edmonton Painters choice, We know how to give you a clean job and add value for the cost of your project; We understand communication is key so you can be sure all your needs will be cover; We work in atmosphere of Harmony and Respect because we know we don’t paint in a job site, we paint into your Home.

Our mission is to give to our customers the best painting service experience they ever had, on the last 10 years on the business we have been making the best experience for our clients, our employees and our community.

We are experts in residential and commercial painting, providing both interior and exterior painting at competitive prices. Our team of professional painters completes the quality painting you expect.

My duty here at True Painters is to clearly communicate our mission to or team and make sure that we deliver on our promise hiring only the best people and training for consistent results that go above and beyond of our clients’ expectations.

In White

My name is Parly Leon, I know there are lots of choices out there and sometimes is difficult to make a decision towards a painting contractor but please, the next time you are looking to improve the value of your home or business with a new interior or exterior painting project, Call us! We will give you the best painting service experience!

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