What are the VOCs in Paint?


Believe it or not, It could be for Air Pollution.

Considering the damage Air Pollution already does to the environment and peoples health; you would not be surprised.

What are the VOCs in Paint?

You’ve probably heard the term VOC, which stands for volatile organic compounds. VOCs are chemicals that give off gas from certain materials and liquids like the paint on your walls. These chemicals hang around our homes, sometimes for years, polluting the indoor air and causing adverse health effects. They could make you feel nauseous, irritate your eyes and impact your respiratory system. They could even cause cancer or liver damage. Some people are more at risk from VOC exposure than others. For instance, those with asthma, young children and older people are more susceptible to these VOC-related problems.

Eco-Friendly Paint  Protect the air quality inside your home with zero-VOC and low-VOC paints.

Some of the advantages of low/zero-VOC paints:

1. Low-VOC paints are less toxic and cause less toxic emissions.

2. Low-VOC paints have a lower odor and less impact on the air quality, which makes them perfect for schools, hospitals and of course homes.

3. Low-VOC paints are less likely to cause allergies due to reduced toxin levels.

Zero-VOC paint contains less than 5 grams of VOCs per liter of paint. Low-VOC contains less than 200 grams of VOCs/liter. However, to comply with the Green Seal Standard, most of the manufacturers strive to get less than 50 grams of VOCs/liter.

That is why our eco-friendly painting service uses zero VOC and low VOC paint to minimize our impact on the environment and your family or staff. That means no harsh odors or fumes when you return at the end of the day to your freshly painted home or office.

CALL NOW for your Free no Obligation Estimate and ask for our low and zero VOC products!

Using low-VOC paints is definitely a GREEN thing to do.

ECO Friendly

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